Painting Bricks Blog Post

Painting Bricks

Painting Bricks For anyone who is a true grammar aficionado, no we are not talking about bricks that paint in this blog, but rather about whether or not painting the bricks on your home is a good idea! It seems only fitting that since we talked about painting vinyl siding last month, we should talk…
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Photo of house with Vinyl Siding Painted

Vinyl Siding… Ever Wondered If You Can Paint It?

Vinyl Siding… Ever Wondered If You Can Paint It? Let’s Talk! When it comes to vinyl siding, many people make a specific colour choice when a home is first built, based at least in part on their lack of desire to ever have to paint their home! Alternatively, new home builders will design an entire…
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Exterior House Cleaning

Exterior House Cleaning may be all you need

Exterior House Cleaning may be all you need! We’re Not Just Expert Painters, We Offer Other “Flawless Finish” Services Too. Many proud homeowners spend a great deal of their “downtime” on doing work around the house. Perhaps it’s a labour of love for you, it’s time spent outdoors that makes you happy or, maybe you…
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The Importance of Residential Painters

The importance of Residential Painters

So, what is the importance of Residential Painters? Well, your “home is your castle” is an expression you may be familiar with. It’s where you gather together over meals, enjoy family game night, where the kids have pizza parties and sleepovers and where you invite friends to come and share in your hospitality. Particularly over…
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Blog Post graphic of Wood

Would You, Could You, Should You Paint Wood?

So, Should You Paint Wood? Some folks would never dream of painting over wood while others can’t wait to “lighten and brighten” a set of kitchen cabinets or paint over an out-dated wooden stair rail or some baseboard trim. While kitchen cabinets aren’t the focus today (and require more than just what we’re talking about…
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Before and after cabinet painting

Cabinet Painting and Refinishing: Refinishing Cabinets vs. Replacing

Have you ever wondered what your kitchen could look like if you repainted the cupboard doors and boxes? Maybe even get creative and make your island a different colour than the rest of the cabinets to really get that pop of colour you’ve been longing for? It seems that homeowners are often on the fence…
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House Washing

House Washing: Pressure Washing vs. Soft Washing

When you think of washing a house you probably think of pressure washing; applying high pressured water to the house or sidewalk to remove the algae or other organic growth. Simple concept, right? The concept is right, but the results are only aesthetic and that is if you’re lucky. Read on to learn more about…
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Blue living room space

Interior Paint Finishes Guide: Find the Best Finish for Your Home

Our homes are our safe havens and our comfort zones. They’re the place where we spend countless hours with our families and friends and where we spend some much-needed alone time. As such, they’re also places we want to keep up-to-date and inviting, with new, fresh and trendy paint colours. However, choosing the perfect colour…
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Refinish Cabinets

The Best Way to Refinish Cabinets

Did you know that there’s a major difference between a house painter and a fine finish painter? To clarify, a house painter is usually proficient with a brush and roller. A good house painter finds imperfections in the walls and patches them with a quick coat of drywall compound and applies it in such a…
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