The Best Way to Refinish Cabinets

The Best Way to Refinish Cabinets

The Best Way to Refinish Cabinets

Did you know that there’s a major difference between a house painter and a fine finish painter? To clarify, a house painter is usually proficient with a brush and roller. A good house painter finds imperfections in the walls and patches them with a quick coat of drywall compound and applies it in such a way to blend with the rest of the wall surface.

It’s not unusual for a house painter to be familiar with a spray machine to paint ceilings or the outsides of houses. Some spray trim when it’s laid out on racks and doors when they are standing up. The objective of their method is to get the paint on quickly and to avoid the presence of roller or brush marks. However, this approach may not be the best way to refinish cabinets.


Over the years, we’ve been called into clients’ homes to fix cabinets their house painter refinished. We often ask “why did you choose the person painting your walls to refinish your kitchen cabinets?” Some common answers include:

  • “He/she was already here, they could do it for a great price and we trust them.”

  • “They’re new in the business so we wanted to give them more work.”

  • “Our painter said he could purchase a self-levelling paint with a built-in primer that he can brush on to mimic a sprayed finish.”

The reality is, the average house painter isn’t looking for minute imperfections and methodically fixing each one to create a perfect finished product that looks like it came from the factory.


Opting for a fine finish painter for your next project is the the best way to refinish cabinets. Impeccable attention to detail, fine finish spray techniques and knowledge of products designed specifically for cabinet refinishing are a few traits that set the fine finish painter apart from the average house painter.


Fine finish painters have hundreds of hours behind them creating near-perfect surfaces by applying special putties and wood fillers. We sand every square inch with multiple grit levels of sandpaper to be certain that each coat applied is free of imperfection and ready for the next coat. What’s more, every coat is sprayed on with state-of-the-art equipment by our highly skilled spray technicians. We do not brush and roll the finish on your cabinets. In fact, the products we use are solely designed for spray applications.


When refinishing cabinets, only products approved by the KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Makers Association) should be used. The truth of the matter is that 99% of the paints on store shelves are not designed for cabinetry. If the can says “trim enamel,” you can guarantee that it will not stand up to the abused kitchen doors take over time. Solvent-based and water-based lacquers are what professional spray shops, like ours, use. While some trim enamels without a doubt look nice, they don’t have the chemical makeup and durability our lacquers do.

When our estimators visit your home for quoting, they perform a marring test to sample pieces that our crew in the shop have created. Clients are blown away that the sample pieces with the lacquer finish can withstand countless rigorous striking and dragging of metal objects without chipping or cracking. Demonstrations we do with some of the other products sold as “cabinet finishes” don’t come anywhere close.  We are so confident in our work and the products we use that we offer a lifetime guarantee warranty.


Our research concludes with a few common denominators when speaking with homeowners. Lack of education before agreeing to purchase seems to be the most profound. Without educating yourself on a product, service, or the company performing the work, how can one make an informed decision to buy?

Read our client testimonials to learn more about our professional cabinet refinishing and check out our reviews on Google and other areas of the internet by searching “Harbor Painting Co. Inc.” You can also see hi-resolution photos of kitchens we’ve refinished as well as read through our process and warrantee.