Interior Paint Finishes Guide: Find the Best Finish for Your Home

Interior Paint Finishes

Our homes are our safe havens and our comfort zones. They’re the place where we spend countless hours with our families and friends and where we spend some much-needed alone time. As such, they’re also places we want to keep up-to-date and inviting, with new, fresh and trendy interior paint finishes.

However, choosing the perfect colour to paint a room in your home is simply the first step. Choosing the right product and sheen is a whole different ballgame. This interior paint finishes guide helps you pick the right finish for your needs. Read on to learn more.


The best interior paint finishes depend on your lifestyle. When choosing a finish, take into account the amount of activity in your home. Are there small children or pets? Do you host parties and get-togethers? Have your children moved out and your lifestyle is now more relaxed? No matter your situation, there is a product that will fit your needs. We recommend using Sherwin Williams Duration Interior paint, which finishes include satin, matte and flat.


An satin finish is typically recommended for a high-activity household, such as homes where children and dogs are present. The satin finish gives you the most durability and washability out of the three paint finish options.

The downside to an satin finish is that any imperfections on your wall are visible due to the sheen that it has. However, in some cases, you may be happier seeing minor imperfections on your walls rather than fingerprints and scuff marks.


If your home or the specific room you’re painting has low to medium-traffic, a matte finish is a perfect choice. It has just enough sheen to provide some protection and durability, but it is soft enough to hide roller marks and give you the gorgeous finish that you’ve been searching for.

Also, the matte finish is perfect for dark colours such as reds, blues and even some beiges. However, if applied incorrectly, deep and dark colours tend to show many roller marks. Our professional team at Harbor Painting Co. can help you avoid such mistakes.


Flat finishes are mostly used on ceilings, rooms with little to no traffic and in historical settings. A flat finish is certainly beautiful and the most forgiving of the three finishes, but it does come with some risks. Since it offers little to no protection, it’s only recommended in areas where low traffic is expected and very little cleaning is necessary.

It’s very easy to damage a flat finish when trying to remove a mark. In most cases, you will remove the finish from the wall. In instances where bad tape joints are present or walls are a bit wonky, a flat finish will surely hide them the best.


With so many different products on the market today, it can be tough to choose the right finish for your home. Remember, just because it’s the most expensive product on the shelf, that doesn’t mean it’s the best one for your space. Our advice is to consult a professional before making your choice. Harbor Painting Co. Inc. offers professional interior painting services that can help your next project go smoothly.

We hope this interior paint finishes guide has helped you figure out which product is right for your home. Now that you are equipped with a plethora of painting knowledge, get up and start transforming your home! It’s mind-blowing how changing a paint colour in your home can liven up a space and bring new life to walls that you thought were a lost cause.